As an alumnus, I now see the true value of a Fatima education. Without a doubt the best elementary and middle school in the area.

Joseph Marshall Touma, Class of 2013

- Submitted by an Alumnus
The school mission statement sums up my feelings about this wonderful school “Our Lady of Fatima Parish School, where faith, learning and service have no limits.” All my children attend or graduated from this academic institution. The school welcomes children of all faiths. Prejudice and religious intolerance are not allowed. Everyone prays together, from the little tiny ones with their prayers for a sick dog to the middle school students with prayers about the uncertainty of growing up. Spanish is taught in preschool. There is an outstanding band program from 4th to 8th grades, but the love of music is taught beginning in preschool. A “first you, then me” attitude is fostered in all the grades. Community service is required for the older students. But, it is a beautiful thing to see the younger grades offering their time and talents to help the poor in the community. Many of the staff are alumni of the school, which speaks volumes. Electives such as, Introduction to Modern Medicine, Guitar, Culinary Skills, Public Speaking, and Theater are offered to the middle school, another bonus you will not find at any grade/middle school in the state of WV.
- Submitted by a parent
I really want to share with you how very pleased we have been with OLOF – It surpasses our previous school experience by far, quite honestly. As parents we appreciate the consistent communication and the teachers professionalism in communication and organization. Our child really likes it and it has been a good transition for her! It is family here and everything I always I expected a Catholic school should be!Our Thanks to the staff for preserving and nurturing this wonderful environment!
- Submitted by 6th Grade Parents
My name is Sarah Setran, I am the mother of 2nd grader, Lyla. We relocated back to the area after living in one of the countries most desirable school districts. Seeking something comparable to the school district from which we came, we initially choose Our Lady of Fatima based strictly on the curriculum and academic reputation. What we found was something more.

OLOF is now an extension of our own family values, translated into a caring learning environment and reinforced by a wonderful staff and faculty. While at OLOF, our daughter, Lyla, has excelled academically and musically. By the way, if you have not heard about our music program you should take a few minutes to listen to a choice selection from our choir, bell choir, or band.

The director of the music program, Kristie Finney, gives these children the gift of music, by introducing them to musical concepts at a young age and continuing the exposure throughout middle school. Music has been correlated with better success in the fields of math and modern languages.

Speaking of modern language we have a very strong Spanish program starting in kindergarten and continuing through middle school. This is all in addition to an established core curriculum, while teaching moral, values, and charity. Shew, what a job these folks do for the sake of our children. In our opinion OLOF is simply the best!

- Submitted by The Setrans

I am pleased to share that Liza Kate has fulfilled three plus hours of community service for the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital.

I love that Our Lady of Fatima Schools mission statement, “Where faith, learning and service have no limits”. Liza Kate is a wonderful example of your mission statement, she put her hands and talent in to action. I am thrilled to see the younger generations thinking of others before self.

For the Sake of the Children!

Kristi Arrowood, Director Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation

- Submitted by Kristi Arrowood, Director Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation
Some of my favorite memories from the 2011- 2012 school year involve taking the 8th grade class to Washington DC. After a year of planning and fundraising, 12 eighth graders travelled to Washington DC to stay for 3 days and 2 nights.

Throughout the trip I remained impressed by the attitude of our students and proud of their behavior. Despite the fact that we were surrounded by groups of students from other schools who rushed past monuments and memorials without pausing their conversations or glancing up from their cell phones, our students remained thoughtful, respectful and well-behaved. Even on the last day, when exhaustion was setting in, they managed to take the time to read and learn from the exhibits we visited.

I was most impressed with the respect they showed at the Holocaust Museum, where I witnessed two groups of our students really interacting with an exhibit on Nazi Propaganda- slowing down to read, making comments, asking questions, and figuring out the answers. Out of respect for the people to which this museum is dedicated, our students slowed and paid attention, and they learned more than the typical 14-year-old as a result.

I am proud to be part of a school where respect and good behavior have a place of high importance, and it was lovely to see the eighth graders putting these skills into practice in the outside world, in spite of what their peers around them may have been doing.

Cynthia Westbrook, OLOF Parish Parent
Great school with an awesome academic program, and caring involved teachers. The staff is attentive to both student and parent needs. The school also participates in state and community athletic programs. The weekly mass for the kids is wonderful with the students filling the roles from reading to altar-serving. The school is also attentive to the needs of special needs children, helping them to fit in perform with the rest of their peers. It is a Catholic School, but please do not let that discourage you at all; Our Lady of Fatima Parish School does not teach or condone religious prejudice. Students of many faiths may be found at OLOF, studying and learning together.
- Submitted by a parent