Father Paul Yuenger

“I have heard it said that it takes a whole community to raise a child.  While not a parent myself, I have seen that statement played out many times.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish School has not only a group of dedicated teachers and staff, but an entire community of parents and parish members that round out the educational process so essential to a dynamic school.  The Christ Centered environment enables the school to transcend simple school lessons to a level where the reason for life, the reason for existence, becomes permeated throughout the entire curriculum, which gives the children a solid rock foundation on which to stand as they grow and mature.

All members of the greater Huntington area are invited to participate in this great academic environment.  While we are a mission of the Catholic Church, we recognize God calls different people to respond to him in different ways.  The sharing of multiple faiths is a blessing which helps our students to break down stereotypical barriers to strengthen each other in their faith without fear of proselytizing.

With all due respect to other schools in the area, I think your child’s attendance at Fatima will provide him or her with the best tools possible for a productive life, a strong faith life, and a strong sense of a community life. “