Your gift to the Faith in Fatima Annual Fund will help us with our mission of advancing Catholic education!

Our 65th year here at Fatima is well underway! Since establishing our Faith in Fatima Annual Fund in 2014, we have been able to provide an education surrounded by traditional values, while keeping up with the technology of today, pay teacher’s salary and provide for our Fine Arts and Music programs. The actual cost to educate each student is over $9,500 – we must keep the cost lower so that it is affordable to families. We need to make up the difference through fundraising and donations. Thus, the Faith in Fatima Annual Fund was established to help with the cost difference.

With your help, we are able to continue to provide an education that make Fatima Alumni want to send their children here. This is a testament to the quality of education that we provide here at Fatima.

We hope that you will join us in our mission of educating the next generation by prayerfully considering donating to our Faith in Fatima Annual Fund. Your contribution is critical for us to continue our mission of providing Catholic education where faith, service and learning truly have no limits!

Our many prayers go out to each of you and your families.

Micah O’Connor