What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is simply gift cards for places you routinely go to such as: Grocery stores, Gas stations, Restaurants, Pharmacies, Department stores, Clothing stores, Hotels! When these cards are purchased through the SCRIP Box, or online, our school receives a rebate up to 16% on each gift card!

This is how it works. We purchases gift certificates/cards (SCRIP) from a broker or local business at a discount varying from 2% – 50%. We then sell the SCRIP at face value. The percent discount is the profit. One half of the profit is credited to the buyer (family) and the other half is used for the school needs.

For example: We receive a discount from a company called “Great Lake Scrip Company.” We then apply 1/2 of the savings to the families account (you will receive the refund check in June of each year) and 1/2 to a savings account for the school. Therefore, if you ordered $100 of SCRIP from Rocco’s, (who gives the school a 10% discount), you would write a check for $100 to OLOF, receive a gift certificate for $100 to Rocco’s, you would receive $5.00 toward your child’s tuition the following school year (graduates would receive a check rebate), also, $5.00 would be added to the school’s SCRIP account.

What has SCRIP funds been used in the past:
• Fully furnish the Spanish classroom (tables, chairs, carpet, shelving, Smart board)
• Replace the carpet in the school office
• Replace the carpet in the computer lab
• Textbooks/Curriculum needs

1.  Register your family www.shopwithscrip.com   *Use Enrollment Code 329472496832
2. You can pay through Prestopay online or send your payment to the school (make checks payable to OLOF) each Monday before 10:00 AM.
3. Your scrip will be sent home or ready for pick up (however you selected) on Thursday afternoon.
4. Shop ’til you drop while earning rebates and help the school with needed projects!

If you have any questions, contact the school office 304-523-2861

There is no limit to the fundraising potential for Our Lady of Fatima by using SCRIP!