The fullest response to the Christian experience of God in Christ is to serve others.

St. Paul reminds Christians in his Letter to the Corinthians that faith without love of others renders faith “a resounding gong or a clashing symbol” (Corinthians 13:1).

The school is therefore committed to living out Christ’s call to serve others and work for true justice in the world today.

Service Hour Criteria
Grade Hours per Quarter Hours per Year Total
5 3 12
6 – 8 3 12
  • Only one-half of the required service hours each year may be completed at school related activities.
  • Service hours may not be earned by participating in a worship service (i.e. altar serving) or at any activity which directly benefits the student (i.e. dance or theater).
  • If work is performed for a neighbor, the neighbor must sign the service hour form detailing the work completed.
  • Work completed for community organizations must be documented by an employee of that organization.
  • The quarterly service hour requirement will count as one test grade for Religion Class each quarter.


Service Hour Form