Here is the work  for the week of May 18, 2020.  I have sent out emails to you for our student Zoom chat on Monday, May 18 at 9 am.   We will have our last Zoom meeting on Wednesday, May 20, at 9 am.  This is our last week of school, and I ask that you turn in this week’s work by Wednesday, May 20.  Thank yoU!

Language Arts: 

  • ReadWorks – Students will access through Google Classroom under the “Reading” page
    • “Summer Surprise”
  • Handwriting book p. 76 – 77


  • “Disney World Field Trip”
    • This fun activity can be found on Google Classroom.  You will find it under “Social Studies”.   You child will go through the slides and experience Disney World from afar.  There are a couple of slides that contain math problems.  Your child can do these on a separate piece of paper.  Most of the videos may need to be fast forwarded some because it includes waiting in line; although that is pretty accurate of an experience at Disney World!  I hope your child enjoys this!

Social Studies:

  • Write about 1 thing you thought was fun or interesting that we did in social studies this year.  Please email you your child’s response.


  • Write about 1 thing you learned in science this year.  Please email me your child’s response.